Below you will find the results of your test, but more importantly, feedback on your results. Our trained test mentors review your test results and give you personalized feedback on how you did, your strengths, and where you can improve. 

Remember, diagnostic testing is not graded the way most tests are graded. These scores share where you are at right now, which allows you to determine what you need to strengthen to get where you want to be.

50% is not a failing grade, it means you would be comfortable as a high school graduate. 

60% indicates you would feel comfortable in freshman college level classes.

70% indicates you would feel comfortable in sophomore college level classes. 

80% indicates you would feel comfortable in junior college level classes.

90% indicates you would feel comfortable in senior college level classes.


36 – 40 points = A

32 – 35 points = B 

28 – 31 points = C

24 – 27 points = D

0 – 23 points = Re-do


5 = A (Excellent)

4 = B (Very good)

3  = C (Good)

2 = D (Poor)

1 = E (Re-do)


  1.  TOPIC

5—Directly addresses assigned topic

4—Somewhat addresses assigned topic

3—Not focused on the assigned specific topic

2—Addresses too many unrelated topics

1— Wrote about an unrelated topic


5—Strong focus and organization; very logical progression of ideas

4—Moderate focus or loosely connected to the assigned topic

3 – Very little focus and/or repetitious

2—Contains ideas unrelated to the topic

1—No apparent organization of thought or focus


5—Detailed and interesting support of the main point

4—Some detail in support of the main point

3—Little detail in support of the main point

2—Very repetitious in presentation of ideas

1—No detail or support given to the point


5–Very few errors in spelling, punctuation and excellent sentence structure

4—Some errors in spelling and punctuation, sentence structure

3—Numerous errors in spelling and punctuation as well as sentence structure


1—Do over

  1.  HANDWRITING (if applicable)


4—Very Good



1—Unreadable – resubmit in typing


5—Strong evidence of sophisticated understanding, creativity or unique viewpoint.  Interesting reading.

4—Evidence of developing understanding and individual viewpoint.  Some creativity and individuality present.

3—Conventional or lacking in creativity.  Limited individuality.

2— Understandable only with considerable difficulty

1– Repetitious and/or too incomplete to evaluate


5—Title written, name written, age written, with opening statement; proper paragraphing; closing or summary statement.

4—Title missing, age missing, opening or closing statements missing, incorrect paragraphing.

3—Title missing, name missing, age, missing, no opening or closing statements, no paragraphing

2—Missing some information and no formatting

1—Too short to evaluate